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Testimonials DJs talking about other DJs work

Lolla Tek
Lolla Tek

"I am generally very happy with everything! It's a pleasure to work with your services. "

Mihai Popoviciu
Mihai Popoviciu

"I've been using this service for more than 4 years and i am very satisfied with it, easy and intuitive working system. Highly recommended!"

Mano Andrei
Mano Andrei

"A great service, i use it for few years already!"

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About us

We are a passionate group of DJs/Producers who built our own in house platform to make life easier for use. Whatever worked for us, will surely work for you as well.


15-17 Caledonian Road,
Unit 185, N1 9DX
London | U.K.


Travessera de Dalt,
6-8, Ático B  08024
Barcelona | España