Label In A Box (LIAB) is a UK company providing wide selection of services specifically designed for independent labels. We provide a solid platform that enables you to efficiently manage many areas of running a record label leaving you more time to concentrate on the music.


We offer an user-friendly online promotion system using direct mailing technology to deliver your music directly to the inboxes of DJs, Journalists, Radios, Licensing Companies or anybody you so desire. We track all downloads, views and every feedback to compile statistical analysis enabling you to easily understand how well your tracks or campaign is performing.

ARTWORK Creation Services

Get your band and product noticed with our bespoke digital album cover artwork, specially designed and formatted for iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Harvest and Source Audio. CD digipaks, jewel cases and collectible vinyl are available for bands and labels releasing physical product.

VIDEO Producing/Editing Services

We specialize in creating high quality music videos for artists from around the world to help them gain more fans, sell more digital dowloads, and book more shows. We would love to help you too.


Using our complete mastering service we can turn your raw sound recordings into a final, professionally finished piece of audio ready for promotion and retail. We can digitally master your music to any specification whether they are destined for clubs, radio broadcasts etc.

Other Services:

Buy today your ready made label, run your own music business, full professional support from industry experts, be the next big thing! “Starting and operating your own digital label will give you independence and a great platform to sell your recordings around the world.” One click to start your own label journey.